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What are ZIN Jam™ Sessions?


ZIN Jam™ Sessions are led by a Licenced Zumba®

Jammer, who has been selected and trained by

Zumba Fitness.  A ZIN Jam™ Session provides

licenced ZIN instructors with new choreography.  



Who can attend a ZIN Jam™ Session?


A session is for licenced ZIN instructors only.  



Where can I find a Licenced Zumba® Jammer?


Nadia is currently licenced to hold ZIN Jam™ Sessions in Reggaeton Rhythm.  Nadia is currently the only Zumba® Jammer in Reggaeton Rhythm in Scotland.  



How can I find out more?


If you would like to host a ZIN Jam™ in Reggaeton in your area, please contact Nadia via the Contact Us page.  If you would like to attend a ZIN Jam™ Session, please log into your ZIN account HERE.



Are you available for masterclasses in my area?


Yes.  Please contact Nadia via the Contact Us page.