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1. Am I too unfit for your classes?

We have a large variety of fitness levels coming to our classes.  For all our classes, we give as many options as possible to ensure that a wide range of people get the workout they want.  If you consider yourself extremely unfit, you might prefer Personal Training.



2.  Do I need to sign-up and attend every week?

For Zumba, Insanity and Body Conditioning classes, you do not need to sign-up at all.  Block booking is essential for Pilates.



3. What do I wear?

There is no right or wrong answer here - but we suggest sports-type or leisure clothing.  The most important thing is you feel comfortable and un-restricted.  Our BLOG has some entries on examples of male and female clothing and trainers.



4. I am so nervous I can't dance at all - would I be welcome at Zumba?

Of course!  Sometimes the people who look like they are having the BEST time are not doing the same steps as me.  This is not a class where we learn and breakdown steps.  Don't forget the aim of Zumba is to sweat, have fun and feel like you are at a party!  We will put you at ease!



5.  Are men welcome at any of your classes?

Men come to all of our classes, and we absolutely encourage male participants to come along.  Men belong in group exercise classes and will not be made to feel unwelcome.



6. I have an injury - can I still come along to a class?

We would recommend visiting a specialist such as a Physiotherapist or Podiatrist who can advise you on what exercises are suitable.



7. Do I need to bring anything?

Most classes require a bottle of water.  A small sweat or hand towel can come in handy, especially for sweaty classes like Insanity.  For Pilates, there are mats provided but some people like to bring their own one.


8.  Do you have any events or offers?

YES!  We love putting on events and also offers to encourage people to come to class.  Please add Nadia Zumba Alkoc as a friend on Facebook and/or follow @zumbaedinburgh on Twitter!

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Before you come to one of our classes, you might want to have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions below.  If you can't find the answer, then Contact Us.