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*DUE TO COVID-19, Pilates classes are now offered online.


Mark is a Pilates specialist with years of expertise and experience behind him, ensuring you are in safe hands.


Mark has worked with people from all backgrounds from athletes to post-pregnancy clients. Mark's classes work with small groups which enables him to focus on each individual and help them receive the best workout possible!  The class works to a reasonable pace, as opposed to the more gentle Pilates methods.  In Mark's Pilates, you will become familiar with equipment such as Pilates rings and stability balls.


Pilates classes typically last around 1 hour long and must be booked in advance.  We offer Pilates courses in 8-week blocks.   Pilates will not only help you stabilise your core but it has other benefits such as co-ordination, strength and flexibility.


Get in touch with Mark HERE.