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What is Zumba?

Zumba® Fitness is ADDICTIVE!  That is right, exercise can actually be FUN!  Zumba® is no ordinary exercise class, it is the latin-inspired fitness class that is a PARTY!


Our classes are focused on fun and fitness at the same time.  Nadia Alkoc leads all of our Zumba® classes and her favourite part of teaching is to "see people smiling and sweating at the same time".


The belief of Edinburgh Zumba with Nadia classes are that you are made to feel welcome, no matter what!  We know that when you are new, you just want to hide at the back...and that is okay with us!  Once you have been for a few weeks, we know you will slowly start to edge forward anyway!

Our routines are ACHIEVEABLE and easy-to-follow, meaning you don't feel stupid!  You might go the wrong way, or do the wrong moves...but nobody cares!  Don't worry though, Nadia does point you in the right direction with her skills as a fitness and dance instructor.  


We do give options where possible as we understand everyone has different needs.  That is the beauty of an Edinburgh Zumba class - anyone can do it!


The international music is really the essence of the class, where it can be anything from chart music to swing to salsa!  The music in our Zumba® classes is played at a considerable level as we like to feel each beat and rhythm.  This may not be suitable if you have very sensitive hearing.


Please don't be afraid to come and try Zumba® - it really is a fun and friendly class.  Zumba® was invented by Beto Perez from Colombia, and it is one of the most successful fitness programs in the world.  If you would like more information on Zumba® Fitness, please get in touch with us or visit www.zumba.com.